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Racks.bikes.lace: That’s where the PureWow office is. Forget.conned.basket: That’s where we got engaged. Kazoo.famed.fastening: That’s where we once made out with Ian Moriarty.

But before we get too E.E. Cummings up in here, let us explain. These three-word phrases are actually GPS coordinates, and they’re the idea behind a brilliant new website and free app.

Think of What3Words as a tool for pinpointing crazy-exact locations. Like other mapping apps, w3w can drill down on any 3-by-3-meter square on the planet. But unlike, say, Google Maps, it assigns these squares three-word names instead of numerical coordinates. The reason, of course, is that “remind.thin.danger” is way easier to remember than “37 23.516 -122 02.625.”

But how does this help you?

Well, say you’re meeting a friend at Disney World (your coolest friend, clearly). Instead of asking her to search for you outside “The Spirit of Norway,” you can easily look up the exact three-word locale where you’d like to meet. Give your pal the phrase, and once she plugs it into the w3w app, she’ll get a map with directions to your precise spot.

Don’t love that your house is known as ugly.marsupial.puddle? For a mere $1.50, you can give it a new one-word name, à la “AnnePad” or “FunZone.”, right?

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