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Google Glass wants you to think there’s something very wrong with staring at a phone all day. And while we lovers of eye contact kind of agree (wink, wink), we’re not quite ready to get all Minority Report on you.

A happy medium just might be the Pebble Watch ($150), currently taking pre-orders for delivery later this summer (but recently spotted on a very in-the-know lady friend of ours).

Pebble is a timepiece-cum-life-tracker that wirelessly connects with your iPhone or Android and alerts you via silent vibrations when you’ve received an incoming call, email, or text message.

For example: You’re at lunch and feel a gentle wrist buzz. You glance down, see you’ve got a text from Aunt Renee (“Happy birthday!” she writes, two weeks early), and promptly get back to your salad without your dining partner noticing a thing.

In addition to incoming messages, you can customize Pebble to notify you of things like weather conditions and Facebook updates. You can even use it as a remote control for your phone’s music player or a pedometer for running or biking trips.

Pebble is water-resistant, holds a charge for up to seven days and is readable in any lighting condition. (Hey, e-paper.)

Oh yeah, and it also tells time, in case you were wondering.

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