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Wannabe horticulturists, rejoice: You don?t need a green thumb to keep your plants thriving. You just need a little technological love from a wi-fi sensor called Koubachi ($99 for indoor plants, $129 for outdoor).

Think of Koubachi as the digital plant whisperer, essentially telling you how your leafy friends are faring and what, exactly, you need to do to keep them healthy.

Begin by sticking the small golf-club-shaped device right inside your pot?s soil. Next, plug some vital stats--plant type, surrounding environment--into the corresponding app. You can even name your little guy, should that make caring for him more enticing. (?Meet, Herman, our ficus.?)

The sensor will then calculate a plan for proper care and break down personalized instructions--for instance, how much sun exposure is needed and when you ought to think about repotting.

Perhaps most useful, the Koubachi regularly measures stuff like soil moisture, temperature and light intensity and sends you push notifications when there?s something that needs attending to (e.g. ?It?s 95 degrees, so water Herman right now.?)

After a week of Koubachi guidance, we definitely noticed improved growth and fewer dead leaves. All of which gave us more time to daydream about that stylish watering can and even fancier gardening project.

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