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If you can't remember who Great-Grandma Mildred married and how, exactly, you're related to Cousin Steve, maybe it's time to brush up on your genealogy. Further inspiration to do so: My Tree and Me's gorgeous custom family trees.

Begin by selecting the template and color palette you want personalized--like the ultra-graphic Slice of Life chart ($120), which is designed to showcase seven generations, or the horizontal Ripples in a Pond ($55), which is intended for five. Our favorite is definitely the four-generation, '70s-esque Birds of a Feather ($65), particularly in the pink/orange/green color combination.

Once you've placed your order, My Tree and Me will send you a genealogy chart to fill out. Three to four weeks later, your family masterpiece should be complete.

My Tree and Me can make any person or couple the chart's focal point, and we love the idea of doing this when having one made as a gift (for a wedding or new baby, for example). You can also buy blank charts to fill in yourself, should you want more of a DIY experience.

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