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A few questions we would like to ask our dog: 1. What do you do all day while we're at work? 2. Is dog walker Gabby really taking you for 45-minute "power jogs"? 3. Does garbage honestly taste good to you? 4. Where is your blue tennis ball? (Is it under the TV console? We bet it's under the TV console.)

Here to answer at least some of those questions is Whistle ($100), a new activity monitor that tracks your dog's entire life.

Essentially the Jawbone UP of the canine world, Whistle clips onto your pooch's collar to monitor his activity and report back to you via a corresponding app. At a glance, you can see when and how far he walked, how much playtime he got, when he slept and, of course, who fed him dinner--though you'll have to input that one manually.

Beyond the totally fascinating element of following our dog's routine (he runs around like a maniac every day at 1 p.m.?), we love the idea of better understanding his well-being. After all, by seeing Fido's daily/weekly/monthly activities, you're automatically on the lookout for abnormalities--Whistle will actually cue you in to anything really funky or health-threatening.

Plus, should a serious problem arise (god forbid), you've got an arsenal of info handy to show your greatly appreciative vet.

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