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Lytro Camera
Lytro lets you refocus from foreground to background. (Oh, and happy July 4th!)

The power of the filter has turned everyone into an artsy photographer. But the idea of shifting focus after you?ve taken a picture? That?s just madness!

Not so, say the makers of Lytro, a new camera that allows you to refocus and change perspective after you?ve clicked away.

The science, briefly: Lytro is the first consumer camera ($400 or $500, depending on storage capacity) to record an image?s entire light field rather than a 2-D rendering, meaning you can manipulate how that light is perceived after the fact. You can change the focus from foreground to middle ground to background, and adjust the vantage point from above to below or beside. (How cool is it to switch back and forth between insect one and insect two in this awesome picture?)

Just point and shoot with the small kaleidoscope-shaped camera, then play around with focus and perspective later--either on the camera?s touch screen or once you?ve uploaded your pics to the Lytro website or app.

As for your photos? longevity, you can save them as flat JPEGs, convert them to rotating GIFs (insect one! insect two!) or just manipulate your refocus-able picture indefinitely.

Like the concept but don?t want to shell out hundreds of dollars? Try the $2 app that approximates the experience on your iPhone.

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