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Pandora Workout
Click "workout" on the left to access the stations

Anyone who's ever sweated to the oldies knows that good exercise music can make or break a workout. Enter the Internet-radio geniuses at Pandora, which has just released 12 stations specifically designed for your fitness regimen.

Each station is tailored to a slightly different workout need. "Electronic Cardio" is ideal for vigorous runs, "Rap Strength Training" accompanies your arm curls and "Yoga Workout" is perfect for...well, you get it.

We went jogging to "'80s Cardio" and got a great mix of up-tempo Billy Idol, the Go-Go's, Stevie Nicks and the like. Then we cooled down to "Alternative Endurance" (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gorillaz) and "Country Fitness" (Lady Antebellum, Keith Urban) and skipped the scary-sounding "Hard Rock Strength Training" (Linkin Park, Pantera).

Though the new channels stream an endless supply of preselected (rather than customized) music, you can make them your own by "thumbs-upping" or "-downing" songs, which then determines what you'll hear in the future.

Plus, you can take your workout to go with Pandora's free mobile app (available for most platforms), which lets you stream directly from your smartphone.

Sure beats playing "Eye of the Tiger" on repeat.

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