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Biking through Amsterdam or touring the Roman ruins?

Flexibility is a virtue. (?You?re out of brownie crunch? I?m totally happy to try the salted caramel!?) But did you know it can save you hundreds of dollars on airline tickets?

The new travel-booking site GetGoing wants to show you how.

Think of GetGoing as a Priceline-like search engine with a twist: You pick two places you want to go, and the site books one of those destinations on your behalf.

Say you?re in the mood for a European jaunt: Select your travel dates and choose ?Europe.? GetGoing then pulls a handful of relevant flight itineraries at relatively unheard-of prices (30 percent cheaper, on average, than anywhere else on the Web).

From this list, select two destinations (we went with Amsterdam and Rome) and plug in your credit-card details. Next, take a long, deep breath as GetGoing books one of your choices and lets you know the verdict once the payment has gone through. (Amsterdam! Hooray!)

This whole two-to-one thing could feel gimmicky, but it?s actually pretty smart: By showing you?re willing to go either place, you prove to the airlines that you?re an honest-to-goodness leisure traveler--and not somebody who needs to go to a health-care conference in Toledo, no matter the cost.

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