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We may be home-decor visionaries, but sometimes it's hard to imagine how that sofa will fit in our living room, or what the kitchen would look like painted turquoise. Enter, a free, easy-to-use Web tool that helps you create and design to-scale room plans.

Begin by plotting your desired floor plan and each wall's dimensions. You can also add details like fireplaces and window seats, or free-form draw any structural oddities (should you live in an octagonal turret).

You'll then be prompted to drop furnishings into your bird's-eye-view plan. Choose from hundreds of generic beds, armoires, filing cabinets and the like and drag them around to set them in place. You can also select actual products from many well-known brands (we picked a KitchenAid fridge), which is useful if you have a make and model you're looking to work around.

Next comes the really fun part: decorating. Add a chandelier, throw down some carpeting or paint and wallpaper from an impressively comprehensive collection of finishings.

Once you're satisfied with your masterpiece, you can view it in 3-D and even take photo-like interior snapshots to share with your friends or decorator.

We wouldn't blame you for showing off.

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