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How to Prevent Blisters

Repeat after us: This will be the summer I do not destroy my feet.

Here, a few ways to protect yourself from blisters, cuts and other icky injuries--without forgoing style, of course.

Prevent rubbing Before strapping yourself into a new pair of gladiators (same goes for flip-flops), coat your feet with a blister-preventing balm such as Sole Goddess ($19). We?ve used Body Glide ($8) for years on the back of our heels and anywhere a strap might hit.

Keep your feet in place It?s basic gravity: Sweaty feet slide forward. Keep those suckers where they should be by inserting nonslip pads ($13) into your shoes. We also suggest--and bear with us here--using medical tape to secure your pinkie toe to its little-piggy neighbor. This combats the painful smushing commonly associated with peep-toes.

Have spare flats on hand We don?t care how small your purse is; you can fit a pair of roll-up ballet flats ($35) in there. Pop ?em on when your stilettos give out.

Learn how to wear heels If you?re going to insist on Louboutins, at least know how to walk in them. Shoe-loving podiatrist Emily Splichal?s book, Everyday Is Your Runway, teaches the basics of foot safety. Hint: After a night out, roll each foot on a tennis ball to avoid arch pain.

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