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In the era of Task Rabbit and Seamless Web, you can truly conduct your entire life online.

But Web-based therapy?

Turns out, that’s now a totally viable option. Here, a few markers of the mental-health digital revolution.

iCouch Perfect for agoraphobics (or anyone with a busy schedule, really), iCouch connects people with licensed therapists for secure online sessions. Choose from a list of counselor specialties (relationships, addiction, etc.) and iCouch recommends vetted therapists and social workers available for Web chats. You can view their schedules to set up a onetime or recurring appointment and pay directly through the site (rates range from about $65 to $130 for a 50-minute session).

MoodKit Developed by a pair of clinical psychologists, this $5 app gives users on-the-go cognitive-therapy techniques for being happier--think emotion-tracking diaries (“I am always angry after a doughnut binge”) and easy-to-master mood-lifting activities (we were beaming all day after being prompted to compliment a stranger).

Wevorce Divorce is never fun, but thanks to an innovative new software program, it can at least be less painful. Wevorce’s online tools guide individuals and lawyers through the process in a way that puts the kids first, saves couples upwards of $15,000 and keeps everyone out of court. If only Burt and Loni had known.

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