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A fake rock or garden gnome may be an efficient (if risky) way to hide a spare set of keys, but what if you could let in houseguests from afar simply by pressing a button on your phone? Now you can, thanks to Lockitron, a combination home-security system and smartphone app.

Here's how it works: You replace part of your door with Lockitron's internet-enabled lock (starting at $295), which works with most types of locks including dead bolts, handles, knobs and even apartment buzzers. Then you download the corresponding iPhone app (an Android version is coming soon) and voilà: You can begin locking and unlocking your home from anywhere your phone gets service.

Aside from the joy of having one less thing to carry around (though the installment kit does come with a few "real" keys), we love the idea of letting in our kids/repairmen/etc. when we're not at home. Even cooler--you can grant houseguests access by sending them a text message that enables their phone to temporarily work as yours does.

Though the Lockitron team is working on password-protection functionality, in the meantime users will obviously want to keep their phones locked in case they--God forbid--get stolen.

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