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Type in a book or author and YNR generates a web of suggested books based on a combination of user recommendation and its own artificial intelligence (unlike other sites, results aren't generated by sales figures). For example, start with Toni Morrison and you'll be directed through Amy Tan and Jhumpa Lahiri to the stirring prose of Ann Patchett.

But the coolest part is the smart and sleek interface itself, which allows you to scroll over each selection for synopses, reviews and links to buy – or to start another search.

Plus, you can filter results by genre, e-book availability, and "no same author recommendations," which is important to select if you're searching for new writers.

The forward-thinking co-founders are constantly adding clever components, like a "preview" option so you can read a few pages of each book. They've even launched a new site,, for anyone who'd rather just watch the movie.

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