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It’s not that we want to pretend we’re characters in The Wire (we’re definitely not cut out for staging drug busts, for instance). But we have always found the concept of a burner phone--you know, a prepaid phone you use temporarily and then toss--to be pretty intriguing. And now, thanks to Burner, we can get the experience without having to buy sketchy cell phones.

In a nutshell, this new app creates disposable numbers for your Android or iPhone, enabling folks to call or text you on your “fake number,” which redirects to your real number.

Begin by downloading the app and plugging in your actual contact info. (It’ll never be revealed, we promise.) Then select your desired area code and activate a “fake” number. You’ll get a free trial valid for a day; after that, pricing starts at $2 a week.

The app records voicemails and missed calls. Plus, the temporary number is displayed on other people’s caller IDs, so your real identity--er, number--remains concealed.

Done with your burner number? Hit “burn it” and it's deleted, rendering it inoperable.

We loved handing out our phony digits as we got quotes on gym memberships, flirted with suspicious men and sold our clunky coffee table on Craigslist.

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