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Food is terrific. You should definitely eat it--as long as it’s fresh, unprocessed and something you’ll actually savor and enjoy.

Such is the credo behind Foodist by Darya Pino Rose, Ph.D., a new book that teaches you how to lose weight and stay fit without traditional dieting.

We know, the whole “Lose weight without dieting!” thing sounds gimmicky. But we promise Rose (a food writer with a doctorate in neuroscience) is the real deal--more in line with Michael Pollan than, say, Dr. Atkins.

Her claim (like Pollan’s) is that “foodists” stay trim by eating pretty much anything they want, provided it’s food their great-grandmothers would have recognized and they cook it themselves. This doesn’t mean you can never eat a burrito again. In fact, total denial is more likely to make you gain weight. Rather, Rose encourages calculated indulgences and delaying gratification for when it’s really worth it. (Crummy office birthday cake? Nope. Chocolate cremeux at The French Laundry? Oui, merci!)

What really sets this book apart are the handy lists Rose arms readers with--think “10 simple ways to eat less without noticing” (chew your food!) and “the 10 most overrated health foods” (see ya, protein bars). In other words, she takes a concept that could feel overwhelming and really breaks it down.

It’s not rocket science. It’s just good, healthy eating.

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