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Congratulations: You’re really good at using your phone to send emojis and Instagram your dinner. But if you’ve ever suspected you could be doing a lot more with your so-called smartphone, it’s worth getting Drippler, a free new app that unlocks the secrets of your Android or iPhone.

After you download the app, Drippler analyzes your phone for make and model, then begins sending you personalized daily tips--or “drips.” Each drip gives you specific advice tailored to you--think ways to optimize your current system, apps that will improve your life and accessories that are just plain glorious.

In the past few days, for instance, we’ve been alerted to an app for keeping track of books and movies on our watch/read list, a crazy tool that turns an iPhone into a thermometer and an easy way to make our phone work faster (it involves deleting bulky programs).

Addicted to Angry Birds? Drippler can also send you suggestions for other games to work into your rotation--not that you particularly need an excuse to waste more time on your phone.

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