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Sprout It
Guess you can cancel that CSA subscription.

As the farm-to-table movement continues to, er, plow into your favorite restaurants, it?s no surprise that the locavore trend has moved even closer to home?as in your backyard.

From chicken coops to beekeeping, we?re taking food into our own hands, and first up is the good ol? veggie garden. But what if your green thumb is, well, nonexistent? Luckily, there's the genius Web app Sprout It.

Begin by entering your zip code, then select a variety of veggies, fruits and herbs. Sprout It provides you with basic information about each plant, such as the best times to sow (the app tracks your local frost date) and the space required (better have six feet to spare if you want fresh watermelon). We also love that each plant is rated on a difficulty level--thankfully, it?s pretty hard to screw up basil. Lastly, devise a growing plan and Sprout It will email you with real-time reminders and tasks.

Our favorite feature? The recipe-themed gardens. We love the idea of growing tomatoes, jalapeños, onions and cilantro for the perfect (read: en fuegopico de gallo. And now that we know how to grow our own beets, you can bet we?ll be making this recipe all summer long.

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