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Icelandic Dairy
Smari is--as they say in Iceland--"thyyk."

Yes, Greek yogurt is delightful. But if you find yourself rolling your eyes at every carefully marketed iteration, maybe it?s time to try something new.

Our prediction for the next dairy-aisle trend (yes, we just said that): Iceland.

From breakfast-ready yogurt to crowd-pleasing cheeses, we tried the goods certain to rival your Greek standards.

Skyr Essentially a thicker, tarter version of Greek yogurt, skyr has been a major part of Icelandic cuisine for more than a thousand years. We love the just-launched Wisconsin-based brand Smári for its simple flavors such as strawberry and vanilla that pair well with sweeter toppings like blueberries and honey. It?s also crazy-high in protein.

Rjomaskyr Want a more dessert-y option? Try Siggi?s coconut or pineapple rjomaskyr, which is like regular skyr but mixed with cream and sugar for a velvety ice-cream vibe.

Smjör Thanks to its deep yellow color and super-creamy consistency, many butter snobs (hold your laughter) consider this stuff among the best in the world. Good news for more casual butter enthusiasts: It?s available at Whole Foods Market and begging to be spread on an English muffin.

Höfdingi Look for this mild white cheese at specialty fromageries and use it as a substitute for Brie. Just try not to be too patronizing when your guests ask if it?s French.

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