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The Chanel shades you drunk-purchased in Paris can fetch upwards of $200 through Sold.

Remember those never-worn Loeffler Randall clogs (from your all-things-Scandinavian phase) that you forgot to return? How about that extra Kindle you got free from work? Or those fancy headphones your husband swears won’t fit over his “giant ears”?

Now there’s a way to sell all this unused loot without resorting to the headaches of the online marketplace (sorry, Craigslist).

Behold, Sold, a free new iPhone app that pretty much sells your stuff for you. Begin by snapping some pictures of the up-for-sale item. Sold then trolls the Internet to locate the going rate for, say, a two-year-old iPad and sends you a push notification with a proposed listing price. Should you accept that price, Sold posts the item on your behalf on sites such as Amazon and eBay, and sends you a message when it finds a buyer (typically a few days). You’ll then get a prepaid, pre-labeled, bubble-wrap-filled box in the mail, so you can send that iPad off to its new owner while a secure payment drops directly into your bank account. 

For the time being, Sold is only for smaller-than-a-bread-box “items of value,” meaning your life-size, light-up Santa probably won’t make the cut. Still, it is free to list any item for pricing, so we guess it can’t hurt to try.

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