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GPS apps
Point Inside and Locationizer

We don't know how we ever drove from here to there without a robot barking directions at us. But we're only now discovering all the ways GPS can aid in our non-car lives. Below, the coolest new apps that help you out based on where you are.

Point Inside Sick of asking for directions to the food court? Download this free iPhone and Android app that uses satellite technology to guide you through more than 1,000 nationwide malls and airports. Quickly orient yourself (you'll appear as a little blue dot) or get instant walking routes to stores, restaurants, bathrooms, etc.

Locationizer An excellent tool for anyone who routinely forgets to pick up her dry cleaning, Locationizer for iPhone ($3) lets you set geographically based reminders ("stop at post office," "return library book") and alerts you--via a pop-up message and usefully annoying ring--when you're near those places.

Locale Instead of turning your phone to silent when you enter a movie theater/office building/funeral home, set it to do so automatically with this clever Android app ($10). Simply drop a virtual pin on any location (say, work) and tell your device what to do when you get there (switch to vibrate only) and what to do when you leave.

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