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Brika Pop-Up Shop
Tell us this isn't the cutest scarf you've ever seen.

We love Etsy. We do. But after five minutes, we can?t help but feel as if we?re drowning in macramé.

If only there were an edited Etsy. Oh, wait?why hello there, Brika.

The brainchild of two supersmart women--Jen Lee Koss and Kena Paranjape (picture résumés with the following phrases: ?merchandising for Banana Republic,? ?Harvard, followed by Oxford, then back to Harvard for business school?)--Brika is a meticulously curated market of handmade goods that clears through the Etsy noise. You?ll find stationery, home items, accessories, even tasseled friendship bracelets that will make you feel 13 again. Not to mention, it?s one of the prettiest darn sites we?ve laid eyes on.

Tempted? Well, today we can hit up Brika together. For the next two weeks, PureWow is hosting a one-of-a-kind pop-up shop on the site. From a salvaged-wood cheese board that is begging to star in your next cocktail party to goes-with-half-of-your-wardrobe bib necklaces, the shop features a bevy of items that have never been available before. There are even--wait for it--infinity scarves for kids. We?re picking up a dozen.

Remember, this is a limited-time-only situation, so get cracking. And no, it?s not a coincidence this event happens to coincide with Mother?s Day, graduation time and baby-shower season--we?ve got you covered.

See you in the checkout lane.

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