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Calling all bird geeks really cool avian enthusiasts. If you’ve ever lamented the inability to watch your feathered friends 24-7, we have good news. Presenting the Bird Photo Booth.

Think of the Bird Photo Booth ($150) as the nanny cam of bird feeders. Begin by setting your iPhone, iPod Touch or GoPro camera (Android coming soon) inside the secure, temperature-proof enclosure. Then place the whole contraption somewhere in your yard and suspend a dish of bird food in front of it.

Next comes the fun part: As your neighborhood jays, wrens and sparrows drop in for a nosh, your camera uses an app such as Facetime or AirBeam to live-stream the action. Forget YouTube kitty videos--you can tune in to watch your bird feeder from any WiFi-enabled device.

You can also snap pictures, shoot videos and even talk to your winged visitors, assuming your smartphone’s sound is on. (Just don’t be surprised if your cubicle neighbor starts avoiding you in the hallways.)

Bird Photo Booth is currently taking preorders for mid-May delivery, and we can’t help but think it would make a particularly good Mother’s/Father’s Day gift for the discerning bird-watcher.

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