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Dana's Bakery
Photo courtesy of Thomas Liggett

The past few years have seen a French invasion in the form of pastel-colored, meringue-based confections. Behold le macaron.

We?re still not quite sure how to pronounce it (long O? silent N?), but we do know that if we see another lavender-flavored, preciously Franco-fied version, we just might have une heart attaque.

That?s why we were thrilled to discover Dana?s Bakery, which takes a proudly unpretentious and American approach to the dessert. (Cue ?The Star-Spangled Banner.?)

Flavors range from peanut butter and jelly to fruity cereal to orange Creamsicle, and each bite-size treat ($30 for 12) has the deliciously high-low appeal of, say, eating a Ring Ding at the Plaza.

All flavors are kosher and gluten-free, and everything can be shipped nationwide in a couple of days. We recently signed up for the Macaron-of-the-Month Club ($90 for three months) and were thrilled when the April selection, cinnamon toast, arrived at our door.

Up now: a Mother?s Day drink-inspired variety pack ($30), featuring margarita, sangria and Bellini flavors.

We?ll toast to that?but we refuse to say ?à votre santé.?

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