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Once the young wife of Jack Kerouac, Edie Parker made it cool to date a poor, brooding writer. Today that name represents a breathtaking new line of Art Deco clutches inspired by the bohemian style-setters of the 1950s.

Edie Parker is the brainchild of Brett Heyman, a former public relations director at Gucci, whose hobby for collecting Warhol-era handbags led her to recreate the mod look for a new generation.

With their punchy palettes and creamy acrylic surfaces, the clutches are reminiscent of something our fashionable great aunt would carry in her heyday. The ivory-and-ebony-striped Jean clutch ($1,200) harkens back to Truman Capote's Black and White ball, and the amethyst-flecked Lara clutch ($1,300) is a showstopping complement to a ball gown. (For an even more striking look, witness each bag's glow-in-the-dark counterpart.)

While the clutches are unlike anything we've seen in this millennium, their real innovation is on the inside: Each creation has a signature interior mirror for ensuring no hair is out of place at important affairs.

Yes, Edie Parker bags are investments, but unlike the bygone decade that inspired them, these clutches are forever.

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