Politcal Tours
Young women at Kurdish new year festivities in Turkey. Copyright Nicole Sobecki

These days, there are niche travel agencies for foodies, environmentalists and fashionistas. So why not world-politics enthusiasts?

Or so asks former New York Times correspondent Nicholas Wood, whose new company, Political Tours, offers one-week, small-group excursions to pivotal locations in international affairs.

With destinations ranging from Bosnia to Northern Ireland, the tours (all around $4,000) are lead by regional experts--including policy analysts and BBC reporters--and take travelers into local communities and face-to-face with pressing political issues. All of which is done safely, responsibly and along with quality accommodations, of course.

The forthcoming North Korea journey, for example, begins with a briefing in Beijing before offering unprecedented access to a country few Westerners have seen. We're most excited, however, about the November Turkey tour, which explores the historic nation as a rising Muslim and capitalist superpower and includes discussions on military conspiracies and Islamic feminism (while en route to a veil and burka fashion house, no less).

Not up for a whole week of current affairs? A Political Tours guide will gladly meet you on your regularly scheduled vacation for a one- or two-day bespoke tour catered to your interests.

The political doesn't get much more personal than that.

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