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Vacation Photos
Clockwise from top left: Pinhole Press photo book, Better Wallpaper, GifShop

It's been ages since we've made our friends endure a vacation-photo slide show. But is posting pics online any more creative? This year, we're forgoing the boring upload-to-Facebook routine in favor of these new ways to display our summer memories:

Make a book Share the highlights of your trip to Bora-Bora (or, say, the aquarium) in a bound coffee-table book from Pinhole Press ($43 to $65). The text and layout are customizable, and creating your travelogue oeuvre is as easy as digitally dragging images onto a Web page.

Make wall art Turning a photo into wallpaper will require you to choose wisely: The living room is no place to showcase Grandpa's wax-museum visit. But Better Wallpaper ($45 per square foot) is a perfect option for that one scenic shot you can't stop admiring. Upload your picture and desired dimensions and the company will mail you the bespoke creation along with mounting instructions.

Make a moving image Create an after-the-fact home movie with GifShop for iPhone and GifStitch for Android. Both $1 apps help you "stitch" smartphone pictures into a flipbook-like animated video. Consider it an excuse to unleash your inner filmmaker.

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