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The Survivors Club is an easy to navigate site that can guide you through whatever life throws your way: illness, addiction, divorce, financial woes – even accidents and crime.

The site helps diagnose problems and point you towards support groups and professionals that can help, but it's much more than that. There's a magazine feel in places with uplifting stories about people who have overcome obstacles. These short articles complement the more informative side, but never feel sappy or preachy.

The Survivors Club is actually an overhaul of an earlier site inspired by a popular book of the same name. The new version has been reworked to speak directly to women and include more useful (and often inspirational) content.

Also included are ways to connect with other sufferers and survivors, along with spotlighted blog posts, as a constant reminder of just how common dealing with setbacks is. It's all arranged with a neat layout right on top, so you can head straight to whichever area you need.

Admittedly, it can't solve all your problems, but at least you'll be quickly pointed in the right direction.

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