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Every family has its stories...and history of terrible haircuts.

You know that infamous story about your grandfather?s first day of work? (Yeah, the one where he drove the Chevy into Lake Michigan.) Haven?t you always wanted him to record it for posterity?

Now he can, thanks to StoryWorth.

Think of StoryWorth ($49 for a yearly subscription) as the layman?s answer to NPR?s StoryCorps: a virtual repository for all of your family?s best yarns.

Begin by answering a series of questions (think ?What is your first memory?? and ?How did you figure out how to be a parent??). You can either respond to the questions by email or record your answers orally by phone.

Next, invite your mom, grandpa, husband, sister, third-cousin-in-law and so on to share their tales alongside yours. Soon you?ll have built a handsome family portfolio accessible to anyone you invite to view it.

The audio and typed accounts are maintained in a secure, private database, and you can click on any person?s name to see all the stories he or she has authored.

This great cacophony of voices is almost like attending an actual family reunion--minus the part where everyone is interrupting everybody else.

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