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We love maps, we live by our color-coded inboxes and we kind of need to lay out an outfit before we put it on. We?ll admit it: We?re visual people.

So naturally we perked up when we heard about Panna, a new cooking app/bimonthly journal that offers up high-def video recipes from diverse and esteemed chefs. Meaning, you?ll no longer have to imagine what ?lightly golden? or ?soft peaks? means--you can actually see it.

Downloading Panna for the iPad or iPhone is free, but while the basic app does come with a handful of recipes, you?ll want to sign up for a subscription to take full advantage ($5 per issue or $15 for the six annual). Each issue is themed--we?re currently knee-deep in ?Spanish Spring?--and comes with 13 video guides alongside more traditional recipe text. In the current issue, you can watch Rick Bayless make a Mexican-inspired shrimp cocktail and Anita Lo craft a gorgeous beet salad with mascarpone and mint.

The content never expires, so all back issues are archived forever in your account, and you can also easily add shopping items to a handy grocery list. In other words, Panna is great for visual learners and organization freaks alike.

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