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Blake Brody is a self-described sweater. Just get that woman near a Bikram studio and she starts dripping. So after one particularly slippery Pilates class--OK, she actually glided right off the reformer--she got the idea for her own line of slip-resistant studio flats.

And as a group prone to perspiring, we couldn’t be happier.

Brody’s slip-ons ($98 to $115) are ideal for the Pilates, barre or yoga fanatic who never knows what to put on her feet. Does one go with socks and forgo grip, or kick it barefoot and risk the sweaty-foot phenomenon?

These shoes solve all those problems and then some. Sole-stitched traction pads prevent slipping, while an antimicrobial liner protects you from that grimy studio floor (and stays odor-free no matter how much scissor-kicking you’re doing). Padding in the arch prevents cramping and helps with overall comfort. Oh, and did we mention they look like a cross between Lanvin flats and bedroom slippers?

We recently test-drove a pair and were totally impressed. We planked without slipping and felt extra grounded during a warrior-pose routine.

Up next for Brody: a dancer-ready collaboration with the official Rockettes podiatrist.

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