The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the high school kids are wearing shorts so short they’re practically underwear. It’s official: Spring has sprung.

Except, you know, when it suddenly drops 15 degrees and starts monsooning.

Luckily, there’s a new app for better anticipating the weather’s fickle tendencies. Enter Nooly.

Think of Nooly as your standard weather predictor--but with a serious case of OCD. Unlike other apps, Nooly gives estimates in five-minute increments and distills location down to the 0.4-square-mile mark, meaning you’ll get a differently calculated forecast if you live on one side of town versus the other.

While Nooly will pinpoint your exact location, you can zoom around on a little map to find info for different neighborhoods. (We were recently fascinated to learn of a four-degree difference in temperature between Manhattan and Brooklyn, and that it was sunny in Downtown Boston but raining in the suburbs). You can also adjust a convenient slider to see how quickly conditions will change, which is useful for planning things like runs, picnics and excursions in your Jaguar convertible.

Particularly as outdoor-activity season comes into full swing, we like the idea of heightened accuracy on the weather front.

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