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Herriott Grace and Fifty One and a Half
Herriott Grace, Fifty One and a Half

The parent-child bond has fostered many "Unforgettable" artistic collaborations. But who knew it would bring about such innovation in the world of home design? Here, two new housewares companies that bridge the generational gap:

Fifty One and a Half When painter-cum-potter Monika Dalkin turned 51, her daughter convinced her to start a business. Together, they launched an online shop for Dalkin's gorgeous, handcrafted ceramics, which range from nubby, glazed serving trays ($90) to darling fluted bowls ($30 for six). Already a hit among food stylists, no two pieces are the same, and it's this uniqueness that strikes us as particularly cool--not to mention the idea of pegging major life decisions to a half birthday.

Herriott Grace This Canadian woodworking duo has an awfully endearing tale: When Nikole Herriott moved 2,000 miles away from home, her father began sending her elegant hand-carved objects, which she found too lovely not to share with the rest of us. The resulting company, Herriott Grace, matches his wooden creations--charming cedar spoons ($205), rolling pins ($70), cake flags ($22), etc.--with her business sense and design savvy. Since these one-of-a-kind items sell out quickly, we suggest signing up for their newsletter to get first dibs.

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