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One of the 9,234 uses for Sugru.

We drop cell phones, sideswipe vases and knock over so many coatracks it?s amazing we still get invited to people?s houses. We?ll admit it: We?re klutzes.

At least now we have the means to fix what we break, thanks to Sugru.

Think of Sugru ($10 for three mini-packs in three colors) as miracle goo that can put just about anything back together. Essentially a self-setting rubber, it can be formed by hand and hardens overnight into a strong but flexible silicone.

For instance, say you drop a terra-cotta pot. Use a small amount of Sugru to seamlessly reattach the broken piece (you can blend Sugru colors to match the ceramic). Or perhaps your key fob decided to fall apart. It?s worth a try with Sugru before heading back to the car dealership.

Because Sugru sticks to just about anything (aluminum, tile, plastic, you name it) and is temperature and dishwasher safe, it really works anywhere.

Plus, you can use it to enhance stuff that isn?t even broken: Create a hook wherever you need one; make your coat hangers magically grippy; customize a pair of always-tangled earbuds.

We recently crafted some custom bumpers for our iPhone--just to, you know, prepare for the inevitable drop.

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