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Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish (via an insanely simple visual guide) and he eats for a lifetime.

Such is the concept behind Snapguide, a free new iPhone and iPad app for creating, sharing and browsing step-by-step photo tutorials.

Almost like a Pinterest for the directions-loving set, Snapguide is a treasure trove of user-generated how-to guides--everything from how to hang a sweater to how to make heart-shaped crayons. It’s totally fun to click around from tutorial to tutorial, but you can also search for specific problem solvers (How do I perfect a sock bun? What is the best way to roast brussels sprouts?) and save particularly useful ones for later.

The coolest feature, however, is the ability to make and share your own personalized manuals. Say you want to teach your mother-in-law to use your DVR. Simply take a few pictures of the process, type in useful captions (Snapguide will walk you through it) and share your slideshow via the Snapguide site.

Or just upload random guides to share your secret talents with the world. Did you know, for instance, that one of our editors is a master napkin folder? Well, now you do, because we made a step-by-step instructional guide for perfecting a rose fold.

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