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When it comes to tracking calories/exercise/quality of sleep, we’re torn. On the one hand, we want to hold ourselves accountable for how we’re treating our bodies. On the other, we just want to live our lives without, you know, obsessing.

The new UP band from Jawbone ($130) lets us have the best of both worlds.

UP looks like a relatively inconspicuous bracelet, but it records just about everything you do: how many steps you take, calories you burn, hours you sleep and even time you spend inactive--you can actually opt for a gentle buzz if you’ve been idle too long. (An episode of Game of Thrones is probably too long.)

As for calories, you can track every morsel you consume using the corresponding iPhone and Android app--but you certainly don’t have to if diet isn’t your issue. Plus, because the band is comfortable, waterproof and mercifully silent, you can use it for days without actually noticing. In other words: It measures your life without overtaking it.

Ready to assess your habits? Simply plug the band into your phone (it has a hidden jack) and start browsing the easy-to-read charts and graphs.

Analyzing the data is weirdly addictive (I only got three hours of deep sleep last night and woke up four times?!), and as you begin to see patterns emerge, it’s rewarding to make small but beneficial lifestyle adjustments.

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