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Oh, humble handbag, have we told you lately that we love you? You hold our crap without complaint. You never judge our mess of crumpled bank receipts. You?re mercifully flattering, no matter how much brioche we?ve recently consumed.

And now, it seems, you can also charge our phone.

Ladies, meet the Everpurse, the first bag with a built-in docking system that charges your phone "twice" before the purse itself needs to be recharged.

Designed to accommodate the iPhone 4/4S/5 and Samsung Galaxy S III, the small clutch and cross-body purses ($189 to $319) are totally cute--we?re partial to the persimmon leather ($249)--and the technology is remarkably intuitive. When you?re out and about, you can charge your phone by slipping it into a specified interior pocket; it clicks into place. Then when you?re back home, wirelessly recharge the purse by laying it flat on the thin charging mat that comes with it. (A few hours should do it.)

Everpurse is launching this month with a limited run, but if your preferred bag sells out, you can preorder for May or June shipment.

Dig the technology but not the look? Everpurse is in talks with big-name designers about larger, bolder styles. And in the meantime, you can also retrofit your existing bag to be charging-ready ($600).

Form meets function, yet again.

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