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In this day and age, you can crowd-source everything from your questions about bugs to your outfits for work.

So it was only a matter of time before your daily commute was up for public determination.

Here, two new apps that are changing the way we get around:

Waze This free iPhone and Android app can?t cure traffic jams, but it can steer you clear of them, thanks to the wonders of GPS technology and the wisdom of crowds. Upon downloading, simply drive around with the app open and Waze will automatically track your speed, stops, road conditions and so on. It then uses this information (along with the stats provided by other drivers) to make turn-by-turn route suggestions and more accurately predict travel times. You can also actively report issues (accidents, congestion, giant sofa on the freeway) with just a few taps--though for obvious safety reasons, the keyboard is disabled when your car is moving.

Moovit Essentially the same idea behind Waze but for public transportation, Moovit follows users on buses, subways and even trolley cars to report on things like delays, overcrowding and traffic. It then offers alternate routes accordingly. Though it?s currently functioning in nine U.S. cities, we find it most useful for international travel, where public transportation can seem particularly befuddling.

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