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Hey you...giant ball of stress wrapped in a neat little casing of “keeping it all together.” Maybe it’s time to put down the latte, call off the micromanagement and treat yourself to a few moments of genuine relaxation.

No, we don’t mean an ashram getaway or tantric drumming class.

Thanks to, meditation can be as easy as popping on your headphones and sitting at your desk.

Think of the new website and iPhone app as your own little digital sanctuary. For 2, 10 or 20 minutes, you’ll be treated to the sounds of forest rains, lapping tides or chirping birds (your choice from a list of blissful surroundings) as the world’s most soothing voice-over actress guides you through a series of breathing and visualization exercises. (Sense your arms becoming heavy… Allow your mind and body to meet in the moment…)

We recently took a pause from an endless workload and noisy radiator to try it, and here’s what we have to say. One: We’re not sure we know how to “breathe into our legs.” Two: When all was said and done, we found ourselves remarkably calm and genuinely ready to get back to business.

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