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Power Up
PowerSkin, Scosche flipSYNC and SmarteCarte charging station

As fabulous, jet-setting women, we need our smartphones powered up and ready, but we can't always be tied to a wall socket. Luckily, a number of cool new gadgets make it easier than ever to charge on the go.

PowerSkin App-use draining your battery faster than you can say "Angry Birds"? Try these new lightweight silicon phone cases, which extend power twice as long as a regular charge. Plug in the PowerSkin at night, and it stores energy for juicing your mobile device the next day. iPhone ($70), BlackBerry ($50) and Samsung ($60) are among the many brands supported.

Keychain chargers The charge is at the tips of your fingers--well, car keys--when you carry a Scosche flipSYNC for iPhone/iPad ($15) or most other phones ($20) (via a mini USB port). Basically, it's a highly portable power cord; one end plugs into your phone and the other into any computer for an easy battery boost.

Charging stations Your flight was delayed 10 hours, and the charger is in your checked luggage. Fear not: SmartCarte stations (now found in most major U.S. airports) charge pretty much any phone--no power cord required--in about 30 minutes ($3). Likewise, Keo's new charging lockers in airport Hudson News locations let you power up for free.

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