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Maybe it’s just us, but we like to own books. Good books. Trashy books. Weird manuals for 1960s appliances. Bring ’em on.

That said, such a habit can lead to some pretty unruly bookcases (or, you know, hoarder-esque coffee tables). Which is why we always do some self-imposed shelf-editing come springtime.

It’s also why we were thrilled to discover Better World Books donation.

We’ve long loved Better World Books for its charity-minded approach to literacy. The online bookseller--known for extensive new and used fiction--donates a portion of all proceeds to high-impact global literacy initiatives. (The company raised $14 million in 2012.) Plus, for every purchase on the website, it sends one book to a person in need.

The donation service takes such altruism even further, while also enabling you to unload that extra copy of Madame Bovary.

First, make sure your potential donations fit the program’s requirements. Next, fill a box with all the books you’re willing to part with. Finally, pop on a prepaid mailing label and send the package to BWB’s headquarters for processing. Your old tomes are then sold, recycled or donated to one of several impressive partners.

Global impact. Extra shelf space. We’re in.

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