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Hey, beautiful?yes, you with the gorgeous eyes, come-hither smile and ever-fabulous makeup routine. We?ve got something up our sleeve that is sure to get your creative juices flowing.

We teamed up with the makeup geniuses at L?Oréal to bring you a little cheat sheet of the hottest eye shadow hues and how to wear them--all courtesy of their timeless Colour Riche Eye Shadow collection.

Here, we?ll show you how to create a variety of day-to-night treatments with three shadow palettes--bold, smoky and essential--using the highly versatile Colour Riche collection. Whether you like to go big and bold, smoky and coquettish or classic and everyday, we?ll help you navigate the looks and draw inspiration from the world around you.

Plus, you?ll get a bevy of useful beauty tips to finish off your style: Dramatic eyes? Go nude on your lips. Worried a heavy shadow is weighing you down? Try a brightening cheek highlighter.

With Colour Riche Eye Shadow and your vast creativity, the possibilities are endless and the results are simply stunning.

But not as stunning as you, of course.

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