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Nobody knows the culinary world quite like the culinary world. That?s why we prefer restaurant recommendations from legit foodies to ones from, say, our notoriously middlebrow cousin (sorry, Esther).

That?s also why we love Find. Eat. Drink.

Find. Eat. Drink. launched last year as an online repository for under-the-radar dining recommendations from industry insiders--think Wolfgang Puck?s go-to L.A. seafood market or Top Chef winner Dale Talde?s pick for New York yakitori.

But while the site is indeed great, the launch of its long-awaited free iPhone app offers even more useful on-the-go gastronomic counsel.

Upon downloading, choose a location (cities range from Tuscaloosa to Madrid, with more added regularly) and tell the app what you?re after (restaurants, bars, walnut-oil shops or whatever the case may be).

F.E.D. then pulls up a list of recommendations courtesy of big-name chefs like Bobby Flay as well as highly respected bakers, bartenders and restaurateurs. You can also filter by neighborhood and price, and tap for specific ordering suggestions (?try the buttermilk chicken?).

We particularly like the idea of using this service on vacation. How fabulous would it be to get a Parisian restaurant reco from Eric Ripert or a London wine shop suggestion from sommelier Laura Vidal?

Inner circle, here you come.

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