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Yes, touch-typing is great. But when auto-correct informs someone you?re getting a divorce (when, in fact, you meant dinner), maybe it?s time to rethink the good old-fashioned pen.

Here are two new technological advances that marry the ease of the digital age with the utility of handwriting.

Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen Quite possibly the slickest note-taking invention since shorthand, the Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen saves everything you write or draw to the cloud ($120 to $250, depending on data storage). Simply scribble away on Livescribe?s proprietary paper ($20) as you ordinarily would, and the Sky preserves your physical pen strokes as well as a real-time audio feed, should you want to record what?s being said around you. Both recordings are then saved to a free Evernote account, which you can access at any time (though in light of a recent hacking scandal, you'll definitely want to create a fairly complex password).

Morpholio Trace This free app was initially created for architects, but the applications are useful for everyday doodlers as well. Essentially tracing paper for your iPad, Trace makes all sorts of tasks easier: planning a home renovation, playing fashion designer, even just generalized art-making.

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