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Hogwarts and superheroes are ho-hum. The movie that's primed to be our summer favorite is the hotly anticipated adaptation of Katherine Sockett's novel, The Help, which opens tonight.

Set in Kennedy-era Mississippi, The Help is ripe with iconic 60s styles, many of which are still fabulous today. Below, the coolest ways to get the look:

Begin by copping the retro Southern fashions. To get the full effect, you can't do much better than an A-line frock like Tracy Reese's Mompos dress ($228). But for a subtler approach, try integrating poppy 60s accessories--like Milly's boxy, floral tote ($295) or Lulu Frost's teardrop earrings ($155)--into your wardrobe. Topshop's cat-eye shades ($32) perfectly channel Celia's in the movie.

Next, spruce up your decor with pointed, retro accents, like a mid-century reproduction rocker ($289) or a vintage Formica table ($899) like the one in the fictional Phelan kitchen. We're especially taken with Skeeter's robin's-egg-blue typewriter; check out offerings from Brady&Kowalski to find a similar one for your home.

Finally, entertain in Southern style with plenty of lemonade and sweets. Our pick: this caramel cake recipe (made by Minnie, in The Help), courtesy of a 1952 Junior League cookbook.

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