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In an age of Angry Birds and friends with Words, there's something to be said for old-fashioned table games. These updated versions of the classics don't feel anything like child's play:

We love the folksy, Americana details in Johnny Unamath's 19th-century inspired backgammon board ($68). The hand-carved sets from this Etsy shop evoke an antique feel that's perfect for the country house--and much prettier than the old Yahtzee and Scrabble sets we break out on rainy days.

With the Women's World Cup celebrating its sixth year, we think it's high time ladies hit the foosball field. Spanish furniture company RS Barcelona has echoed our sentiments with Ella, the first lady kicker in their all-male repertoire. Customers can build their own table for an all-women match, or create mixed teams. Bonus: tables now come in a lady-like shade of pink ($4,365).

Liberty's intricate animal jigsaws ($100) prove puzzles have come a long way from the age-old cityscape. These vibrant, hand-painted renderings forgo traditional puzzle pieces with celestial shapes, and contain hidden ladybugs that symbolize good luck to whoever can spot them.

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