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Embarrassing life scenario #5,012: You ask a friend how her ceramic cowbell business is doing only to have her inform you that it was profiled in the New York Times Style section last week--didn’t you notice?

Do you A) apologize profusely, B) pretend you knew all along or C) sign up for Newsle?

If you said C, you’re onto something.

Think of Newsle as your cheat sheet for knowing when friends and colleagues make the news. When you sign up, automatically import your contacts from your email, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts and behold as the site creates an instant feed of all their recent public mentions. (It culls from both major and minor papers, news sites and blogs--even things as small as your aunt’s recent school-board nomination in the Winnipesaukee Times.)

Then, the next time somebody gets some press, Newsle will send you an email alert and a link to the corresponding story. It should be noted that you can also unfollow anybody who becomes particularly annoying (we’re looking at you, ladder-climbing ex-coworker).

In addition to keeping up with our real-life acquaintances, we also like the ability to search for and follow public figures, like that up-and-coming writer or burgeoning designer.

Plus, should you want to track your own publicity, it’s not a bad method for narcissistic self-stalking.

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