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Adam Frank
Lumen and Reveal

When Brooklyn-based artist and designer Adam Frank found himself living in a basement apartment with no natural sunlight, he took matters into his own hands.

Employing his long-time interest in light installation and theatrics, he built a small light box and fan unit that beamed projections onto a darkened wall, creating the uncanny illusion of sunlight streaming through a tree and into a window.

And so the Reveal Projector ($380) was born.

What makes the Reveal so undoubtedly cool is not only how closely the light color mimics multi-spectrum sunlight, but how a gentle breeze appears to move through the faux trees outside the faux window. (The projector uses actual air currents to create organic, non-repeating movement in the "leaves.")

Choose from a handful of foliage shadow options--palm tree, bamboo, ivy, forest, etc.--and control the size of the window illusion by moving the projector farther or closer to the wall.

Can't get enough of the look? Try Frank's equally gorgeous Lumen ($48), a stainless steel oil lamp that casts a small tree's silhouette--against a warm amber hue--onto a naked wall.

It just might be the loveliest way we know to lighten up a little.

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