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Have you ever had a case of business-traveler envy? You know what we mean: She?s in her cool-yet-practical pumps, wheeling her perfectly compact suitcase through the terminal and swinging hair that is just so shiny? while you?re schlumping along with your overstuffed duffel, half-eaten Cinnabon and growing sense that you may never find the car-rental kiosk.

Ladies, you can be the other woman.

With a little help from our friends at Hyatt, we?ve put together a handy guide to wise-woman travel. From suitcase must-haves and useful gadgets to do-anywhere exercises and smart eating suggestions, we?ve got you covered for life on the road. We?ve even included fun personal tips from our on-the-go editors like why you should mark your laptop with neon tape and how to work out effectively in your hotel room.

Speaking of hotel rooms, if you do find yourself at a Hyatt hotel, you?re in for a treat. The already pretty-darn-smart hospitality brand has recently gone even smarter. Think Le Labo shampoo and conditioner in the showers, health-conscious items on the menu and a handy stash of commonly forgotten items available to you. (Curling irons! Makeup remover! Huzzah!)

After all, even the perfect business traveler occasionally forgets to pack a nail file.

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