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We firmly believe that when one TV door closes (Godspeed, 30 Rock), another one opens (well, hello, House of Cards).

More specifically, we’re pretty excited about this newfangled trend of top-tier stream-only television. We can’t predict if the entire model is about to change, but we can provide your cheat sheet to the potential revolution.

What you’ll need: In addition to a streaming service (Netflix and Hulu Plus are both $8 a month), you’ll probably want to invest in a player, like a Roku ($95) or Apple TV ($99), that enables you to stream shows directly to your TV screen (rather than huddling around a laptop).

What to watch now: If you haven’t seen House of Cards yet, stop everything you’re doing this instant. The 13 episodes of this arch and twisty political thriller (starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright) are as good and juicy as everyone says. Also worth checking out: Richard Linklater’s dreamy Hulu Plus travel guide, Up to Speed.

What to watch soon: We can’t wait for Netflix’s spooky-looking Hemlock Grove (April) and Weeds-esque Orange Is the New Black (May). We’ve also heard rumblings about a kids’ series cobranded with DreamWorks Animation. Hey, who says binge-watching is for adults only?

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