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In this day and age, a lost Internet connection is kind of devastating: You’re left useless, confused and weirdly obsessed with guessing SASSYGRL27’s password.

Option 1: Roam the streets in search of some elusive public WiFi.

Option 2: Get yourself a Karma.

Think of the just-launched gadget ($79) as a bring-anywhere wireless hotspot. It’s small (about the size of a compact) and remarkably intuitive to use. After you create an account, just turn it on and behold as your own personal high-speed network appears in your computer’s list of available wireless connections. Next, log on to the Internet as you ordinarily would. Genius, right?

Equally revolutionary is the payment plan. Whereas most WiFi hotspots require a paid subscription (you know, when the airport gives you one hour of crummy service for $10), Karma offers a pay-as-you-go model; $14 typically gets you about two months of usage, though this varies based on how much Internet time you really need.

Meanwhile, if other people log on to your open network (which is free for them and totally secure for you), Karma knows and rewards your generosity by giving you extra data. Meaning, sharing the wealth saves you money.

Plus, it’s good for your…well, you know.

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